Tuesday, 1 May 2012

cc -5 Music Boxes and Babies!

Hollie Christie
Well well, here's Gil and Moray's baby born just an hour ago...
a baby dragon girl on May Day!

I'm a gogo! Cathy's a granny! Hooray! And there was Gil as large as life at the Falkirk Wheel on Sunday... I can't believe it...

Ahhhhhh - the world is singing today... I never saw granny Cathy so happy... not ever.

 And didn't the family go get me an accordion for my journey... maybe I can learn a tune, David, between Edinburgh and Inverness! And maybe I could sing it in Gaelic Joanna? Babs? Hey Mizzle, what about the moonlight sonata?

This is my mum, Marie Gale, and my dad on the drums I was named after... I wish she was here to show me how to play this thing...

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