Wednesday, 12 August 2015

ReadBev 34. Bankers & Businessmen

Bananas in Heaven  - 12/08/2015

I am blown away by the succinct explanation of human behaviour by Yuval Noah Harari on this TED talk (click link to watch… it’s only 17 minutes). Here we have a simple explanation of how we got here, how it has become possible for us to embrace the story… but now to consider why.

The photo has nothing to do with it by the way... it's just I take thousands of pics, some ok, and never do anything with them so here's an opportunity to air a few.

Bankers & Businessmen

Lie to me
and let me live your dreams.
Your dream of your yachts and your mansions,
you can have them all
because I sweat and slave
and sleep the wretched nights away
with staggering exhaustion.

Punish me
if I dare to resign or get up off my couch
with my crisps and TV where you peddle your tales
of murder and mayhem and world domination saying
“See! Speech is free! Here's BBC!”.

Ignore me
to death
as I shoulder the load of your work and ideals,
heartfelt appeals and the glazed eyes of children that
you starved and made landless
with your profiteering plunder
of the world.

Blame me
for consumption and car and cancer of the ear at my mobile phone
while I gaze from a chemical haze through my lashless lids
at your yacht on my telly as I lie on my bed.
Blame me for the terrible cost I have laid
at the door of the starving society that you,
you  have enslaved.

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